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NanoSI Deal Helps Brighten Cell Phone Display

The Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) and NanoSi Partner to Advance Silicon Nanoparticle Applications.

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and Dr. Nayfeh

NanoSI gets $9.1 Million

Obama's Assistant Mike Kelleher Visits NanoSI

NanoSi making News: Solar Cells

Biotechnology Institute Visits NanoSi

Dr. Howard School Visit

NanoSI making News: LED


Silicon nanoparticle 2.85 nm in diameter.
Hydrogen termination
Solvent: isopropyl, THF
Concentration: 10 micromolar 
Red luminescent
Photoluminescence band: 550-700nm under 350 nm excitation

Silicon nanoparticle 1 nm in diameter.
Hydrogen termination
Solvent: isopropyl
Concentration of 10 micromolar 
Blue luminescent
Photoluminescence band: 390-450nm under 350 nm excitation





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