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NanoSI Deal Helps Brighten Cell Phone Display

The Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) and NanoSi Partner to Advance Silicon Nanoparticle Applications.

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and Dr. Nayfeh

NanoSI gets $9.1 Million

Obama's Assistant Mike Kelleher Visits NanoSI

NanoSi making News: Solar Cells

Biotechnology Institute Visits NanoSi

Dr. Howard School Visit

NanoSI making News: LED

Meeting with the gifted at Dr. Howard Elementary School

Dr. Nayfeh was invited to speak to the gifted 4th and 5th grade class at Dr. Howard elementary school in Champaign.

At the time, they were involved in an after-school project which involves learning about, and eventually presenting (in early December, 06) an innovative idea concerning nanotechnology. There are 2 groups of students, and the first is
learning about the uses of nanotechnology in medicine, while the second is learning about the uses of nanotechnology to help combat global warming (my 5th grade daughter is a member of this second group).  

Dr. Nayfeh President and CTO of NanoSi and Gary Shaw, Vice President visited these 2 groups of students. Dr. Nayfeh spoke to them about the company and research. The visit was intended to help them focus their research. The teachers of this class: Mrs. Stapleton and Mr. Thompson with the help of the interested parent Dr. Mike Machesky of the Illinois State Water Survey organized the visit. The teachers indicated that the article featuring our nano-silicon (and other applications) in News Gazette Sunday's paper was a perfect connection to the things they are learning.
Dr. Nayfeh presented a chit chat talk and live demonstration of an assortment of glowing particles in RGB colors, along with optical illusions, lasers, and an assortment of LED products of PolyBrite International Lighting LED Company of Naperville, Illinois, partner of NanoSi in the development of Nano LEDs.

There were 20-26 students in attendance. They all handled the demos and the discussion was vivid and illuminating. They wanted to know how Dr. Nayfeh got interested in nanotechnology, LEDs, and physics. They wondered if the nanosi technology could be applied to the projects/innovations they are dreaming of for their research presentations.

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